Walk-in humidor

Cigar Club offers one of the largest walk-in humidors in the area. Choose from hundreds of top rated brands of premium and boutique cigars. We carry cigars from such brands from A to Z and much more. Come in and check it out in person, whether it’s for a casual smoke or a special occasion let Cigar Club help you pick the perfect premium cigar.

A propper cut

A cigar should be cut just above the cap line, right before the curved end of the cigar starts to straighten out. The objective is to create an aperture that ensures a smooth opening for smoking without damaging the structure. A double or single bladed cutter, a special cigar scissor or a punch cutter with a circular blade are all different styles of cigar cutters.

The Pierce:
A simple small hole punched in the end of the cigar. It keeps the "head" firm but may produce a sharp "bite" as the concentrated jet of smoke hits the tongue.

The Guillotine Cut:
A straight-across slice with a razor-sharp cutter, it provides a clean, open drawing area and disperses the smoke to avoid "bite." Americans tend to choose this option.

The "V" Cut:
Preferred by Europeans, it provides ample area for proper air circulation, yet keeps bitter tars down at the deep end of the "V" and away from your tongue.

Storing Cigars

Most Cigars smoked in the United States must be humidified and stored at a mild temperature. There seems to be a common approach to these two factors. Cigars should be stored at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent humidity. Temperature and Humidity can be looked upon as inverses, that is if your Temperature is 72 F your humidity should be 68%. Try and keep these figures within 3 or 4 points on either side. Keep your cigars in a place that does not get any sun, the heat from a couple of hours of sun can do some strange things to your smokes. The most important factor is to keep things consistent.


Restoring Cigars

When restoring cigars that have been improperly stored time is your friend. Place your cigars in a zip lock bag and store them in a cool place for about one week. Take your cigars out of the zip lock bag and place them in your humidor for another week or maybe two. Check them periodically and rotate them every 3 days. The wrapper on your cigars should start to feel a bit softer and moist. Compare them with cigars that have been stored properly for texture and feel. Cigars that have been improperly stored for long periods require about three times the effort above. Remember that many of these restored cigars will not be back to full strength no matter how careful you are or how long you take to bring them back. Good Luck!


Cutting and Lighting

There seem to be many opinions on how to begin your smoking experience, we will share ours. Start by inspecting the cigar for any defects or oddities. Upon your satisfactory inspection begin preparing the cigar by slightly, slightly moistening the UNCUT end in your mouth. Moistening the end slightly prior to cutting insures that the wrapper will not tear and create a fragmented head. When cutting the head, be sure to remain below the cap and use a firm smooth motion. When you are ready light your cigar, use a long match and hold the fire under the foot by a 1/4 inch and begin to smoke. Your cigar should start to come to life, turn until completely glowing. Enjoy.



Everybody does it differently and nobody is wrong. You tend to develop your own pattern. Some smoke too fast some too slow. I know some smokers who are always finished well before the rest of the crowd and those who never finish. Two things to remember when honing your abilities. A hot glowing cigar will produce a tar like taste when you get close to the end and sometimes earlier than that. A slow smoked cigar that requires relit after relit will begin to taste like an ashtray and may begin to have a tar taste do to the large number of puffs required for relighting. We also do not suggest saving a half smoked cigar for the next day. Some folks say that there is not a problem but why take a chance, make enough time for a great experience.